Gotham Ruby Conference closed

Closed on Apr 16, 2018 at 12:00am PDT

GORUCO is holding its 12th annual conference at the Altman Center in New York City on June 16, 2018. We are excited to once again convene the Ruby community for an up-to-date look at the world of software development in Ruby and the technical ecosystem that has grown from it.

We are seeking submissions for this year’s conference from you. Some of the possible themes are software architecture, API design, managing growing code bases and leadership. Your submissions could reflect anything that you think has been worthwhile to learn or to implement in your work or research. Have you unwound a turducken of a legacy codebase? Have you solved an Agatha Christie mystery train of microservice dependencies and turned them into clean, well designed systems that your colleagues admit to enjoying? Have you optimized a development workflow? Created tooling that solved some or all of the problems? Grokked a big idea?

The following are the themes that have been flagged as the most interesting by our attendees in a survey we did earlier this year:

  • System design
  • Orchestrating services
  • API development
  • Leading teams
  • Front-end framework integration
  • Mentoring developers
  • Testing skills
  • Ruby performance
  • Language features
  • Ruby internals

You need not feel limited to these topics if you have something great to share that is not on this list. Need some inspiration? Browse the conference archives over at Confreaks for awesome talks from the prior years.

The conference has two talk lengths of 10 and of 30 minutes, which gives you the time to present a powerful bite-sized idea or technique or dive into a deeper subject matter. If your talk could be adjusted to either the 10-minute or 30-minute format, that will increase the chances it will be selected as we design the program

Speaker Benefits

All speakers will receive free attendance to the event. In addition, speakers accepted for a talk will receive a $900 travel reimbursement if you live outside the tri-state region. (Local speakers will instead receive a $300 honorarium.)

Code of Conduct

The GORUCO organizers strive for the safety and comfort of everyone at our event. We have a Code of Conduct that will be strictly enforced, and that we expect all speakers and attendees to follow. Please review it before submitting your proposals.

CFP Stats

104 proposals