GORUCO 2017 closed

Closed on Mar 28, 2017 at 11:59pm EDT

GORUCO 2017 is now accepting talk proposals!

On Saturday, June 24th, GORUCO is celebrating its 11th convocation as NYC's premier regional software conference. It's a one-day, single-track event geared toward highly motivated and experienced developers that's been celebrated for its warm, personal spirit and strong sense of community.

You can start submitting your proposals at cfp.goruco.com. If you have questions, please email proposals@goruco.com.

Theme: Developer Creativity and Happiness

We'd love to see proposals on topics that bring you joy as an engineer, that show off your creativity, or that demonstrate the craft and care that you bring to your software.

We welcome talks about Ruby, the language that gives us joy. But Rubyists don't only use Ruby, and GORUCO has evolved over the years to match the community's technical and practical interests.

In the past two years, speakers have presented on diverse topics like Golang, Crystal, Elixir, NoSQL, BigQuery, distributed systems, AI, reverse engineering hardware, and static code analysis.

We've also had many talks about the human side of software, as you might expect from a community that values developer creativity and happiness. Speakers have presented on code hospitality, refactoring, readability, culture, dogma, mentoring, and learning.

You can view videos of our past speakers for inspiration at videos.goruco.com.

Though we tend to gear our program toward more experienced developers, we will consider talks intended for all skill levels and would appreciate if you'd tag your proposal appropriately to tell us the who the target audience is.


This year we'll again be scheduling two talk formats:

  • full length talk (30-40 minutes)
  • micro-talk (10 minutes)

Please tag your proposal if you have a preference for one or the other (or both if either would be appropriate!).

We will be recording all the talks and making the videos freely available online under a Creative Commons license. If your talk is accepted, you'll be asked to sign a consent form.

Speaker Benefits

All speakers will receive free attendance to the event. In addition, speakers accepted for a talk will receive a $1200 travel reimbursement if you live outside the tri-state region. (Local speakers will instead receive a $300 honorarium.)

Diversity and Inclusion

GORUCO speakers have been extraordinarily diverse, with 46% of the speakers in 2015 and 2016 identifying as female, and many identifying as non-Caucasian.

The GORUCO organizers, ourselves a diverse group, are dedicated to continue this tradition, and strongly encourage members of under-represented groups to submit proposals.

Our first round of reviews this year, as last year, will be completely anonymous. Our goal is to have a diverse panel, with at least 50% of reviewers identifying as a member of an under-represented group.

Code of Conduct

The GORUCO organizers strive for the safety and comfort of everyone at our event. We have a Code of Conduct that will be strictly enforced, and that we expect all speakers and attendees to follow. Please review it before submitting your proposals.

Local Speaker Slots

GORUCO believes in highlighting local talent. We reserve at least two slots for local speakers. (Individual talks and panels will be considered "local" if at least half of the participants are from the tri-state region - that is, within typical commuting distance of Manhattan.)

In the past, these slots have been less competitive than the other talk slots, so if you live in the tri-state region we strongly urge you to submit a proposal.


The CFP opens on Monday, Feb 27th; and closes at midnight on Tuesday, March 28th.

Early submissions are likely to get a level of attention that later submissions may not receive, including questions and feedback from reviewers. Our advice is to submit early if you can!

We're planning speaker selection to be complete by Saturday, April 1st, and over the week of April 2nd we'll seek to get confirmation from speakers and lock in the schedule.

You can start submitting your proposals at cfp.goruco.com. If you have questions, please email proposals@goruco.com.

CFP Stats

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